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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney & NCAA Defense Attorney

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David Vaughn Has Led 100+ Investigations

Federal, State, University, Business, Administrative & Grand Jury

David Vaughn has conducted many sensitive, high-stakes investigations over his career. He now uses his knowledge and experience to assist businesses, universities, and individuals respond to government inquiries, subpoenas, and requests for documents. 

As California leader of the Global Risk and Investigations practice at a publicly-traded 4,100 person consulting firm with offices in 24 countries on six continents, David Vaughn worked on domestic and international internal investigations, due diligence investigations, compliance reviews, asset searches, forensic accounting projects, and electronic evidence collections.  Clients included multi-national manufacturers and distributors, universities, investment companies, energy businesses, technology companies, and medical, pharmaceutical and health care entities. Investigations included:

  • Responding to government inquiries, subpoenas or requests for documents

  • Responding to findings or concerns raised by internal auditors or external auditors

  • Misconduct, conflicts of interests, and crimes by executives, department heads, and other employees

  • Frauds committed against businesses and universities by employees or outsiders

  • Competitors making disparaging and untrue remarks

  • "Whistle-Blower" investigations

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations, compliance reviews, and due diligence projects

  • Theft of trade secrets investigations

  • NCAA violations investigations

  • Ponzi schemes (Bernard Madoff (on behalf of the Trustee) and Allen Stanford (on behalf of the Receiver))

  • ​Product recalls

​As a federal and state prosecutor, Congressional Counsel, and State Bar attorney, David Vaughn has conducted an exceptionally wide range of investigations from the government's point of view, including grand jury investigations, Congressional investigations, and administrative investigations.