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David Vaughn has Won Nearly 90%

of his Career Felony Jury Trials

Assistant United States Attorney (federal prosecutor)

  • Won every one of his jury trials as a federal prosecutor. 

  • Directed covert and overt investigations of domestic and international fraud and public corruption offenses, including bribery, kickbacks, government contract fraud, illegal imports and exports, money laundering, and tax offenses. 

  • Concurrently appointed as a Special Assistant to the United States Attorney General to investigate and prosecute public corruption cases in other Districts. 

  • Served as the acting International Affairs Coordinator in charge of requests by foreign governments for legal assistance.

  • Held a Top Secret clearance. 

  • His efforts have been recognized by the FBI, the IRS, and other agencies.

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney (state prosecutor)

  • Won nearly 90% of his felony jury trials in his five years as a Deputy District Attorney.  

  • Successfully handled an extraordinarily wide range of cases, from government corruption, election law violations and fraud to DUI, narcotics offenses, burglary, grand theft, robbery, arson, sex offenses, attempted murder, and murder.

  • In addition to prosecuting "street crime," for nearly two years David Vaughn was a member of the elite Special Investigations Division where he investigated and prosecuted public officials and candidates, and campaign and election law violations.

State Bar Counsel (ethics attorney)

As a former State Bar lawyer, David Vaughn has first-hand experience with administrative proceedings and understands the particularly harsh consequences that professional license holders can suffer if they are convicted.

Congressional Counsel, Policy Advisor & District Director

David Vaughn provides public officials and his other clients who are being investigated or prosecuted for public corruption or are facing Congressional inquiries with an inside perspective he gained as Counsel to a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee, a policy advisor to a U.S. Congressman, and the District Director (managing a Congressman's Los Angeles area office).​