David Vaughn provides smart, aggressive   representation. He approaches every client with a focus on individual attention, loyalty, and respect. He personally fights for you.

In addition to elite litigation and investigation skills, David Vaughn draws upon his corporate experience and Harvard management degree to provide sensible, real-world, cost-effective solutions.

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The Law Offices of David Vaughn


Effectively responds to government subpoenas and efforts to interview and/or obtain documents

What We Offer


Strategic, aggressive   NCAA and White Collar criminal defense tailored for your case

The David Vaughn Advantage

NCAA Defense Lawyer and White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney
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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney & NCAA Defense Attorney

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Exceptional Experience

David Vaughn is the only attorney who served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney (federal prosecutor), Deputy District Attorney (state prosecutor), Congressional Counsel, State Bar lawyer, and a leader of the investigations practice for one of the world's best consulting firms. 

He is one of the very few attorneys in America who have defended multiple NCAA cases through COI hearings. He has participated in more than 50 interviews by the NCAA of coaches, student-athletes, and university employees, and more than 1,000 other interviews.


Winning Trial Record
David Vaughn has won nearly 90% of his career felony jury trials in state and federal courts, including fraud, bribery & public corruption.

Personal Attention

David Vaughn works on your case himself. Your case will not be handed off to another lawyer. 

Diverse Cases and Clients

David Vaughn has successfully handled cases from assault to white collar crimes like fraud, bribery, and false claims, employee misconduct investigations, to NCAA Enforcement interviews and hearings for a wide variety of private clients and as a prosecutor.


Practical, Business-Driven Solutions

To prevent your business or university from having the same problem again, David Vaughn works with you to develop a practical way forward that is specific, realistic, and tailored to your organization.