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David Vaughn Successful Results

  •  Represented businesses, employees, former employees and witnesses in FBI, SEC, IRS, Department of Defense, Department of Justice and NCAA interviews, investigations and testimony, including responding to grand jury subpoenas and search warrants. 

  • Successfully defended several witnesses in multiple cases and trials in which parties tried to make them testify -- none of the witnesses that I represented testified.

  • Federal Insider Trading. Result: No Criminal Charges.

  • SEC Insider Trading. Result: Dismissal.

  • Chemical spill by business. Result: Dismissal.

  • 17 Counts for repeated chemical spills by business. Result: Misdemeanor and Expungement.

  • 31 Counts of Felony Failure to Pay Prevailing Wages. Result: Dismissal of all wage offenses. One misdemeanor record-keeping violation with $100 fine, no jail time, and expungement.

  • 9 Counts of Felony Identity Theft/Fraud. Result: One misdemeanor that was expunged.

  • Illegal Campaign Contributions by several people. Result: In every case, no charges filed.

  • Internet crimes. Result: Investigation Closed. No charges filed against student. 

  • Assault. Result: Allegations Untrue. No charges filed against student-athlete.​

  • Assault. Result: Diversion and removal of arrest from record of student-athlete.

  • Assault. Result: Judge found my client to be "factually innocent" and ordered even the arrest to be removed from her record.​


  • Aggravated Assault. Result: No jail time offer for former student-athlete.

  • Criminal Threats. Result: Dismissed By Judge.

  • Embezzlement. Result: Investigation Closed. No Charges Filed.

  • Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Charges Dismissed.

  • Robbery. Result: Allegations Untrue. No charges filed against college student.

  • Felony DUI by college student under 21 years old, injuring himself and 3 passengers in other vehicle, and totaling his vehicle and the other vehicle. Maximum possible sentence was 31 years in prison. Result: Probation with no jail time and conviction was expunged.

  • Vehicular Manslaughter. Driver struck and killed a motorcyclist. Result: Misdemeanor probation with no jail time and conviction was expunged.

  • Expungement. Businessperson left USA without completing the terms of probation. Result: Warrant recalled and conviction was expunged.

  • Federal Supervised Release Violation. Result: Judge dismissed case against former student-athlete